It is super easy to create and update the content of this theme. There are only 2 places that matters depending on waht you need to update:

  • your config.toml file for general website content (navigation bar, footer, title, …)
  • your content/ folder for page specific content (post, project, about, book …)

The syntax of the config.toml should be straightforward. Not that you don’t need to specify a themesdir if you already have the theme in you theme folder.

To create a new post or project, just create new markdown files in the relatives folder with the frontmatter detailed below

Post front matter

title: "Title"
date: 2019-01-01
lastmod: 2020-02-02
draft: false
garden_tags: ["tag1", "tag2"]
summary: " "
status: "evergreen"
  • If you don’t want any summary to be displayed, leave a whitespace otherwise the default summary will be the first sentence of your post.
  • The garden_tags are used as filter on the Digital Garden page.
  • The status can be one of seeding, growing or evergreen. You can customized those by creating a new file in layouts/partials/status.html (look at themes/digital-garden/layouts/partials/status.html for an example).

Project front matter

title: "Project Title"
date: 2021-01-01
draft: false
project_tags: ["markdown"]
status: "evergreen"
summary: "Project summary"
        text: "Some external link"
        icon: "fas fa-external-link-alt"
        href: "#"
        weight: 1
        text: "Another github link"
        icon: "fab alt brands fa-github"
        href: "#"
        weight: 2

You can create a new project by creating a new folder under content/projects/.
Any image in this folder with the word feature in its name will be used as the project illustration.
Any file in this folder with the front matter above will be used to create the project page.
In addition to the post frontmatter, the project one get a links key if you want to have links to external source (github, …).


Split text into columns with the row and column shortcodes.

Col 1 Title

column 1 text

Col 2 Title

column 2 text

Draw mermaid graph

graph LR; A[sheets ream-1
500] -->|-1| B[thickness
] C[thickness ream-1
5cm] --> B B --> D[volume
1cm3] E[height
6cm] --> D F[width
15cm] --> D

Red panda icon made by Freepik from